RDAS 2019 Students Selected

WOW! We received close to 40 applications this year from students registered at the University of the Western Cape, University of Mpumalanga, and University of Limpopo. It thrills us to receive thoughtful letters of motivation from enthusiastic undergraduates who are interested to learn more about reptiles and are deserving of an opportunity to develop skills while immersed in the magnificence of one of South Africa's largest game reserves.

We wish we could grant everyone the opportunity to participate in this year's program, but unfortunately, we are constrained to offering 12 positions. This year, we offered six positions to UWC students and six positions to UMP students. You will hear from each of these students in the coming weeks!

Course dates: 5 - 15 December 2019

Location: Skukuza, Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa

As part of our mission, RDAS students are not responsible for any costs associated with the program. To achieve this goal, our instructors provide their services on a volunteer basis and we rely on generous sponsors to cover our expenses.

Dr Nicola Stevens (Stellenbosch) &

Dr Sally Archibald (Witwatersrand)

We are still in need of financial support for flights and catering. YOU can help fund a student's journey and the continued success of the course. Contribute via PayPal / Credit / Debit or EFT today!

Reptile Diversity in African Savannas (RDAS) is an independently run field course that provides university biology students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with reptiles and the field techniques associated with herpetology. Through experiential learning and formalised lectures, students learn about the biodiversity, ecology, and evolution of reptiles with an emphasis on savanna ecosystems. Find out more...


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